Monday, 9 May 2016

James Elgar Gets Drawn into Twitter Controversy

James Elgar, a coming-of-age, 19-year-old UKIP election candidate has taken flak for a string of seemingly-racist comments, posted over the last year or so. However, the teenage election candidate has been constantly vocal about the misinterpretation of his tweets. Although his comments cannot be dismissed as have been made under a sense of immaturity, it would still be reasonable enough to presume that inferences made out of his comments are not what he actually intended, especially considering that he is running for one of the most prestigious electoral profiles in the country.

Possible Misconstrual of Tweets 

His remarks included vague references to rape by “Asian boys” and hijacked planes, which are viewed as offensive to whoever these were directed to. Following the incident, Mark Elgar has come forward to defend his son against discredit brought to him. Mark Elgar has claimed that his son is the least racist and sexist person you could ever meet, citing that his best friend is a girl and he has worked in close association with people from Afghanistan, Czechoslovakia, and Pakistan.

James Elgar: The Man of the Moment 

As per the excerpts from the news, with reference to the incident, circulating around the internet, James Elgar has been constantly denying the nature of his remarks as “irrelevant”. Additionally, he is quick to state that these comments are just extracts, rather than the whole conversation. He further states that some of these comments are not recognized to him as his own. Besides this, the young man is out to make a difference with legitimate politics and has been supporting UKIP in a positive and progressive manner. Over the years, influential candidatures in the realm of politics have courted controversies of all kinds and this one seems no different either. It will clear all the muddy waters once a jury is out on these tweets after an investigation is conducted into it.

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